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14 facts about Dead Sea
The deepest depression in the world
Liver filters blood.
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19 facts about Masada
Masada is Israel's Thermopylae, a symbol of heroic resistance to the very end
Neuschwanstein Castle
A huge amount of building materials were used for the construction
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19 facts about Lake Victoria
The world's largest tropical lake
22 facts about Sahara desert
The world's largest hot desert
Toco toucan
The distinctive feature of this bird is its huge bill. Not everyone liked its appearance, however. The French naturalist Georges-Louis Leclerc de Buffon called the beak of the toco toucan a "gross monstrous" addition.
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25 facts about Charles Darwin
One of the most influential figures in the history of mankind
22 facts about Arabian oryx
Snow-white beauty, soul of the desert, hero of the unicorn legend
Stinging nettle
It is used in the treatment of dermatological diseases - for scalp seborrhea and dandruff, hair loss, aphthous stomatitis and dermatophytosis.
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15 facts about Jordan River
The holy river of the Middle East
Troy IX existed from 85 BC to 500 AD. It was called Ilium.
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Santorini is also known for its beautiful sunsets, some tourists come here mainly for this reason.
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17 facts about California poppy
Eschscholzia californica
17 facts about Bull snake
One of the largest snakes in Canada and United States
Easter Island
Easter Island has a maritime variety of subtropical climate.
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22 facts about Mont Saint-Michel
UNESCO World Heritage since 1979
18 facts about Mountains
They are found on all continents
The gates that a cricket ball must pass through are called wickets.
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Great Sphinx of Giza
After several centuries of splendor, fate was no longer kind to the Sphinx.
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13 facts about tears
Multipurpose liquid
29 facts about NASA
For the Benefit of All
Lighthouse of Alexandria
A scaled-down replica of the Faros lighthouse is located in the city of Changsha, China.
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22 facts about Colosseum
Bloody pearl of the ancient world
Empire State Building
Construction began on March 17, 1930 and 3400 workers were involved.
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19 facts about Taj Mahal
An architectural marvel
Kiwi bird
Kiwis are listed as vulnerable.
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16 facts about Mississippi River
The second longest North American river
17 facts about Titan
The largest of Saturn’s satellites
Mali Empire
Sundiata had three sons who were heirs to the throne of the Mali Empire.
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The blood system of insects is open.
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29 facts about tennis
The most elegant of sports
Greenland became a Danish colony in the 18th century.
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39 facts about Japan
The Land of Cherry Blossom
Gulf of Mexico
A brine pool, 1,000 meters below the gulf’s surface, was discovered in 2014.
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