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The science that studies fungi is mycology. Mycologists have developed several classification systems for fungi.
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19 facts about sushi
Vinegared rice
32 facts about Jamestown
The first permanent British colony in New World
Amur leopard
Despite the efforts to preserve the species, they are endangered by inbreeding.
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18 facts about amber
Fossilized tree resin
Wagyū Beef
The A4 and A5 grades are unattainable by any other breed except Japanese Black (Kuroge Washu).
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17 facts about Rice's whale
The Gulf of Mexico whale
Lake Baikal
The name of the lake comes from the Mongolian language and means "Lake of Nature".
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22 facts about Amur leopard
Panthera pardus orientalis
Mona Lisa
The Mona Lisa of the Louvre has never undergone restoration.
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27 facts about Jane Austen
Icon of the world novel of manners
Athena Goddess
Ancient Greeks considered her a favorite child of Zeus.
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14 facts about Krakatoa
Krakatau - the loudest volcano in history
Montana is also one of the states with the largest livestock industry.
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15 facts about Javan leopard
Panthera pardus melas
Constantine the Great
When Constantine returned from the eastern front to Nicomedia in the spring of 303, he witnessed the beginning of Diocletian's "great persecution," the most severe persecution of Christians in Roman history.
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20 facts about pizza
World’s most famous food
Singapore has a dense network of short rivers.
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26 facts about Anna Pavlova
An international prima ballerina
Statue of Liberty
Construction of the Statue lasted from 1876 to 1882.
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The Holy See at one time recognized the capybara as a fish.
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Most of the Kayans are Catholic.
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21 facts about Australia
A great desert surrounded by a green ring of life
Sri Lanka
It is one of the largest islands in the Indian Ocean.
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Easter Island
In 1966, Chile regularized the island's status by incorporating it into the Valparaiso region and granting the islanders citizenship rights.
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It can reach a maximum speed of 55 kph.
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Easter Island
Easter Island is geologically one of the youngest areas on Earth and the longest isolated.
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23 facts about Baobab tree
Tree growing upside down
Defense mechanisms
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18 facts about Black-headed python
Aspidites melanocephalus
Brain cells are produced throughout life.
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