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19 facts about French Bulldog
Bouledogue Français
Bermuda Triangle
There are several hypotheses for the mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle area.
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12 facts about Three Gorges Dam
The biggest hydroelectric power plant on Earth
Lake Baikal
Baikal is a windy and stormy lake.
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19 facts about jellyfish
Gelatinous sea creature
Despite Spain and Britain being at war, once Spanish colonists discovered the British settlement, instead of engaging in conflict, they focused on eradicating the Natives and expanding their territories and influence.
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14 facts about Wombat
An animal that excretes cubes
Dragon blood tree
The dragon blood tree population deteriorates due to deforestation, overgrazing, and poor regeneration.
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17 facts about Nile river
The cradle of ancient North African civilizations
The most common type of lava in Hawaii and Iceland is pahoehoe.
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Masada was expanded by Herod the Great around 37 BC. - The fortress was one of his greatest construction successes.
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23 facts about cricket
Second most popular sport in the world
Mali Empire
By the end of Musa's reign, Sankore University had become an institution with a full academic staff and the largest collection of books in Africa since the Library of Alexandria.
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22 facts about hammerhead sharks
Most distinctive of all sharks
23 facts about stingrays
Pancakes of the sea
Alpacas are herd animals.
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16 facts about Sugar maple
Canada’s National Tree
24 facts about maple syrup
The liquid gold of the Canadians
Michelangelo showed artistic interests at a young age.
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17 facts about Madrid
The bear and the strawberry tree
French Bulldog
Dogs are slightly bigger and heavier than bitches.
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19 facts about Congo River
The second longest river in Africa
The undergrounds of the Colosseum hide many rooms where props were kept.
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20 facts about Murray River
The third longest navigable river in the world
17 facts about Kimchi
Traditional Korean dish
Stinging nettle
Nettle restores elasticity to blood vessels, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and is a good dietary supplement for diabetics.
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26 facts about Mohenjo-daro
The mound of the dead men
15 facts about mandarines
Citrus reticulata
Hyacinth macaw
Hyacinthine Macaws build most of their nests on the manduvi tree (Sterculia apetala).
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25 facts about Quokkas
The world’s happiest animal
16 facts about Chocolate
A delicacy not only for a sweet tooth
Easter Island
A macrolide antibiotic used in modern medicine was first isolated in 1975 from Streptomyces hygroscopicus bacteria from a soil sample taken on Easter Island.
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49 facts about Ernest Hemingway
One of the most outstanding writers of the 20th century
Mount Vesuvius
The height of Vesuvius today is 1,281 meters (4,203 feet),the depth of the crater 230 meters (754 feet),and the diameter between 550 and 650 meters (1 804 and 2 132 feet).
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47 facts about Cuba
El Caiman or El Cocodrilo
The decision was made to end Rasputin's life, but he wasn't an easy target.
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36 facts about William Shakespeare
English poet, novelist, playwright, and actor
Congo River
The Congo River is the second longest in Africa after the Nile and the ninth longest in the world.
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21 facts about England
God Save the Queen
Kerosene lamp
The kerosene lamp was more efficient than candles and cheaper to operate than oil and gas lighting.
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16 facts about Stonehenge
Presumably, the world of the dead
16 facts about Aurora
Northern light that has delighted people for centuries
Mount St. Helens
Mount St. Helens was continuously active until 2008.
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16 facts about Mozzarella
The most recognizable Italian cheese in the world
American bullfrog
They reach sexual maturity between the age of 2 to 4.
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18 facts about Great Wall of China
A marvel of engineering that was built in ancient times and expanded and modernized over two thousand years
The first Cricket World Cup, officially referred to as ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup was contested in England in 1975.
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17 facts about Strawberry
A hybrid species of two wild strawberries.
Flies have a liquid diet adapted mouthparts.
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