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20 facts about beer
World’s third most popular beverage
Kate Middleton
Shortly before her marriage, the Middleton family was granted its own coat of arms.
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15 facts about StarCraft
The computer game classic of the 1990s
12 facts about capybaras
The world’s largest rodent and social media star
He did not have a good reputation even in his home village.
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20 facts about Amazon River
Its basin covers nearly half of South America
Sahara desert
It covers an area of 9.2 million km2 (3.55 million sq mi). It is the largest hot desert in the world.
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13 facts about churro
A dessert worth the sin
A Gallio-Roman temple dedicated to Jupiter is said to have stood on the cathedral's site in pre-Christian times.
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18 facts about Roland Garros
French pioneer of aviation who played tennis only a few times in his life
Lava is molten or partially molten rock (magma) that has risen to the surface as a result of an eruption.
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24 facts about Sri Lanka
The “Land of Smiles”
27 facts about Rome
The Eternal City hides many fascinating secrets
21 facts about Stinging nettle
An underrated source of health
With the establishment of the Royal Academy of Dance, ballet began to become an academic, professional art.
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14 facts about dik-dik
Hare-sized antelope
14 facts about Swan Lake
One of the world’s most famous ballet performances
Axum Empire
According to local accounts, around 960, a Jewish queen named Gudit (Judith) came to plunder and burn the remains of the splendor of Aksum.
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23 facts about Kate Middleton
Catherine, Princess of Wales
Scientists do not know what could have caused the destruction of the Mohenjo-daro culture, which occurred around the middle of the second millennium B.C.
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18 facts about Forbidden City
Largest Palace in the World
A fossa is an endemic mammal of Madagascar.
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23 facts about Charles III
King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland of the Windsor dynasty
Gulf of Mexico
The Gulf of Mexico is surrounded by approximately 6,076 kilometers of beaches.
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20 facts about carob
Ceratonia siliqua - a substitute for cocoa
32 facts about Robert Oppenheimer
Father of the Atomic Bomb
Mont Saint-Michel
The sanctuary of the Archangel Michael was built on the island. It occupies a small part of the territory of Mont Saint-Michel.
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18 facts about Orsay Museum
France's second most visited museum after the Louvre
Lake Huron
Manitoulin Island is located within the borders of the Canadian province of Ontario.
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21 facts about ballet
History of the art of ballet through the ages
Siberian roe deer
They are sexually dimorphic.
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14 facts about steel
Just a bit of carbon changes everything
Arc de Triomphe
The monument is made of white limestone.
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19 facts about Sea otter
Animals nearly extinct due to fur trade
Kate Middleton
The relationship with the Prince brought her to the attention of the media.
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18 facts about Alpaca
Highly intelligent, swift learning and gentle animals
Alfred Nobel
Alfred and his three brothers spent their early childhood in poverty. After several business failures, his father's workshop went bankrupt and was auctioned off.
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24 facts about Coyote
North America's loudest wild mammal
25 facts about Galapagos Islands
Islands of the tortoises
True seals
Their mother's milk so well nourishes young seals that the mother leaves them before they reach adulthood.
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The next stage is tempering the chocolate.
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21 facts about The Scream by Edvard Munch
A symbol of anxiety about the human condition
22 facts about Hypatia
Prominent scholar murdered by an angry Christian mob
Eiffel tower
Initially, the tower was to stand for only 20 years after its construction, but due to its use for telecommunications purposes, its life was prolonged.
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25 facts about Troy
A forgotten ancient city returned to history from mythology
17 facts about Homer
Blind wanderer, author of the Iliad and the Odyssey