19 facts about Slow worm lizard

Slow worm lizard
11.The duration of the pregnancy period in slow worm lizards depends on the temperature of the environment but it can be assumed that on average it lasts from 11 to 13 weeks.
6 to 26 young are born in one litter.
12.The young are born at the turn of July and August, although there are cases of births in later months.
Freshly born lizards are 33 to 35 millimeters long, although larger ones may be born sometimes.
13.Females become pregnant once every two years and reach sexual maturity at the age of 4.
14.Females are larger than males. The female's body length can reach 50 centimeters and the male's up to 40.
15.The tail of the slow worm makes up 2/3 of its body length. When threatened, it can shed its tail to distract predator.
The tail later regrows, however, has neither the original length nor the original shape again.
16.They can live up to 30 years, even longer in captivity.
Record is held by a male lizard (we do not know at what age it was obtained) that lived at the Copenhagen Zoo from 1892 until 1946.
17.Slow worm lizards overwinter in groups. They choose sheltered spaces such as burrows as wintering sites. One wintering site can hold up to 100 individuals.
Sometimes they overwinter in the company of other lizards, snakes and amphibians.
18.Because of their clumsiness and slowness, they often fall prey to birds, hedgehogs, wild boars, weasels, snakes and even toads.
19.There are many color varieties of this lizard, with the turquoise variety being the most impressive.

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Slow worm lizard
19 facts about Slow worm lizard

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