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18 facts about Internet
18 facts about Internet
A global network of unlimited possibilities
The internet is now more than 30 years old. During this time, it has developed in a direction unimaginable to those who witnessed its creation. Initia ...

Did you know?

Antonov An-225 Mriya
The range of a fully fueled aircraft is 15.400 kilometers with an empty payload.
Mriya’s range with a load of 200 tons drops to 4000 kilometers.
YouTube is the undisputed leader in video streaming.
Second place goes to Netflix, which has 12 times fewer users. Third place goes to Vimeo.
Kerosene lamp
The first kerosene lamp was constructed in 1853 by a Pole, Ignacy Lukasiewicz.
Lukasiewicz was a pharmacist who worked in the Lviv pharmacy "Under the Gold Star," owned by Piotr Mikolasch, a well-known Lviv businessman and pharmacist.
The author of the first website was Tim Berners-Lee, who published it in December 1990.
After all these years, it is still available and can be visited here.
Kerosene lamp
The Piarist Fathers' hospital in Lviv helped Łukasiewicz popularize his invention.
On July 31, 1853, in Lviv, doctor Zaorski, a surgeon, operated on his patient Władysław Holecki. The operation occurred at night in a room lit by one of Ignacy Łukasiewicz's first kerosene lamps.
Three Gorges Dam
The construction led to the destabilization of a unique ecosystem in the region.
Many species of flora and fauna face extinction because of landslides triggered by the erosion of the reservoir. Moreover, the dam generated a microclimate, with increased growth of algae.
Three Gorges Dam
Although the construction increased control over flooding, the volume of water held by the dam increased the number of earthquakes.
The Western Sichuan region of China was already an earthquake-prone area, but since the dam was constructed, it actually increased the number of geological disasters.
Three Gorges Dam
Approximately 1,400 archeological sites were destroyed by the reservoir water, and the overall appearance of the Three Gorges changed.
Many exhibits were either destroyed or partially damaged. There were many relics that were impossibl ...
Kerosene lamp
However, Łukasiewicz did not stop his distillation attempts and finally found the proper fraction, collected at the temperature of 250-350 °C (482 - 662 °F), devoid of light petrols and heavy hydrocarbons.
The resulting kerosene burned very well, so Łukasiewicz decided to use it for lighting rooms.
Three Gorges Dam
Its primary purpose was flood control.
The Yangtze River's occasional flooding caused both mild and major devastation in the basin area. Th ...