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37 facts about Slovakia
37 facts about Slovakia
A land of castles and palaces
Slovakia is a small landlocked country that was established in its present form after the division of Czechoslovakia in 1993. It is one of the countri ...

Did you know?

The ancient Egyptians created many inventions that we still use today.
Writing, black ink, papyrus, makeup, the oxen-drawn plow, the shadoof, the calendar, and irrigation systems are just some of the examples of the genius of Egyptian civilization.
Committing suicide by throwing oneself under the train cause authorities to charge the deceased’s family a disruption fee.
Faroe Islands
Almost all of the Faroese people are Christians.
The islands were Christianized in 999 by Sigmundur Brestisson (the Faroese Viking chief who initiate ...
In the past, the Stone City was the center of the East African slave trade between Africa and Asia.
Fidel Castro made a name for himself in the Guinness Book of records.
The record was awarded to him for the longest speech delivered at the UN. It lasted 4 hours and 29 minutes. However, his longest speech was the one he gave in Cuba - it lasted 7 hours.
The country's name probably comes from the name of the tribe of the Polans.
The name "Poland" has been used to refer to the whole country since the 11th century.
Vatican City
The Vatican holds the record for wine consumption per capita.
According to the California Wine Institute, residents of the Vatican City State drink as much as 74 ...
The inhabitants of the town of Ludbreg consider it to be the center of the world.
They indicate it by a colorful mosaic in the market square, in the middle of which there is a metal plate with the inscription Ludbreg - Centrum Mundi.
In 1923, thanks to Poland's initiative, the International Society was established to protect European Bison.
After the end of the World War, Poland became the world's leading center of European bison breeding.
It is considered the country with the greatest biodiversity of all countries in the world.
It has the most known species of plants (55.000), freshwater fish (3000), and mammals (more than 689 ...