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29 facts about Colorado
29 facts about Colorado
Centennial State
Colorado is one of the larger American states, bordered by longitude and latitude. The state is famous for its varied landscape of mountains, forests, ...

Did you know?

Mount Tambora
The amount of ash dispersed during the eruption covered South East Asia in darkness for seven days.
Wadi Rum
It was perhaps the British officer Thomas Edward Lawrence who made Wadi Rum most famous in the West.
He crossed the valley several times during the Arab Revolt of 1917-18 and eventually settled there. ...
Lake Malawi
The lake is fed by a tributary of the Ruhuhu River and water flows out of it into the Shire River.
Imerovigli is the highest point above the entire caldera. It is often called the "Santorini's balcony."
It is a place with a perfect view of the panorama. From here, ancient soldiers were scouting for app ...
Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle is a loosely defined region in the western North Atlantic, encompassing the area between South Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda.
Some extend its area even to include the coast of Ireland.
Stromboli volcano
In volcanology, there is a special type of eruption called a strombolian eruption.
The name is derived from the volcano, of course, and it is characterized by mild eruptions, with mor ...
Lake Huron
There are over 120 lighthouses on the coast of Lake Huron.
In the past they were used to aid ship navigation, but today they serve as a tourist attraction or private property.
The term "taiga" is mostly used for the forests of Eurasia.
American forests are generally referred to as boreal coniferous forests.
Congo River
It originates back to 1,5—2 million years, during the Pleistocene period.
Tropical rainforests
Many indigenous tribes live in the tropical rainforest.
Most of them are engaged in hunting and gathering or agriculture. These tribes may have inhabited th ...