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15 facts about StarCraft
15 facts about StarCraft
The computer game classic of the 1990s
For gamers whose childhood and early youth were in the 1990s, StarCraft can evoke nostalgia. This already classic title lived to see a sequel in 2010, ...

Did you know?

Oktoberfest was partially suspended due to World War I.
Two years after the war, the festival was replaced by the “fall festival.” In the following years, due to the economic crisis and hyperinflation, no one considered a beer festival.
First Jack-o’-lanterns were carved from turnips, beets, or potatoes.
Pumpkins became popular once the holiday spread in the U.S.
Munich’s Oktoberfest has been traditionally celebrated for over 200 years.
On October 12th, 1810, the Bavarian prince Ludwig, later King Ludwig I, married his bride, Therese o ...
Cricket bats are manufactured from white willow.
White willow (Salix alba) is native to Europe and central parts of Asia. Over time, a cultivar was i ...
The Guinness World Record for most lit Jack-o’-lanterns on display is 30,581.
The record belongs to the City of Keene, New Hampshire.
StarCraft made its debut in the gaming community in 1998.
Exactly March 28, 1998, was the world premiere of the first part of the now cult title.
In 2010, Blizzard released the long-awaited continuation of the series.
Blizzard has managed to get its fans used to being patient while waiting for new titles. It was no d ...
The oldest tennis court, the Royal Tennis Court, is in use to this day.
It was built between 1526 and 1529 in Hampton Court Palace for Cardinal Wolsey, the second most powe ...
Halloween’s origins date back to the Celts.
October 31st was a night of pre-new-year celebration, called the Samhain festival. The Celts, a grou ...
It is the second most popular sport worldwide.
The systematic expanse of the British Empire throughout the ages introduced cricket to many nations. Nowadays, it is played in 180 countries.