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17 facts about Christmas Tree
17 facts about Christmas Tree
An iconic symbol
It is the most characteristic symbol of Christmas and its indispensable element, without which it is difficult to imagine the holidays. Green, fragran ...

Did you know?

New York hosts the largest Halloween parade in the U.S.
It attracts over 50,000 dressed-up participants every year.
The standard measure for a tennis racket ranges between 68.58 and 73.66 centimeters.
The women’s volleyball world championships were first held in 1952.
The USSR team has the most victories, five, and, as Russia, two.
Golf balls fall into two categories: recreational balls and advanced balls.
Recreational balls are designed for the casual golfer, who usually has a low swing speed of 130 km/h ...
Oktoberfest was partially suspended due to World War I.
Two years after the war, the festival was replaced by the “fall festival.” In the following years, due to the economic crisis and hyperinflation, no one considered a beer festival.
Escape rooms
Usually, the game begins with a brief introduction to the rules of the game and how to win.
This can be delivered in video, audio, or by the game master. Then the timer is started and players ...
In 1853, the Hall of Fame - a three-winged column hall was erected at the foot of Bavaria.
Together with the statue of Bavaria, it constitutes a common construction unit. Inside, busts of imp ...
The Guinness World Record for fastest pumpkin carving belongs to Steve Clark.
He set the record in 2013 and required only 16,47 seconds.
StarCraft takes place in space and... space it has visited.
In 1999, NASA astronaut Daniel Barry took a copy of the first game on his voyage to the Internationa ...
Indoor volleyball has been an Olympic discipline since 1964.
It was introduced at the Tokyo Games. Among men, the gold medal was won by the USSR national team, and among women by Japan.