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15 facts about french fries
15 facts about french fries
Not so French after all
It is not known where the fries come from. Some say from France, others, Belgium. Whatever the truth, one thing is certain–they are delicious, and pro ...

Did you know?

Hot dog
There is no hot dog without mustard.
Ketchup is completely optional.
The first coffee plantations in Brazil were established in 1719.
The Portuguese stole coffee seedlings from Guyana and established plantations in Brazil, making coff ...
The world’s strongest beer is 67.5% alcohol by volume.
It is called Brewmeister–Snake Venom; it comes from Scotland and its producer recommends drinking th ...
Traditionally, kimchi is kept in clay pots, partially buried in the ground outside of buildings.
Due to the specific smell and intense aroma, the pots are placed away from other products and household members.
Pizza toppings vary depending on the country.
While Koreans enjoy their pizza with wasabi and sweet potatoes, the most popular topping in Costa Ri ...
There are several basic types of chocolate, depending on the cocoa liquor content and, since 2017, also the cocoa variety from which it was made.
These types include  dark chocolate - consists of cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and sugar. It contain ...
Chocolate is harmful to many animals.
Dogs, cats, horses, and parrots are unable to metabolize the alkaloid theobromine contained in choco ...
Bees are one of the few insects that can generate large amounts of heat with their bodies.
Hive bees constantly regulate the temperature of the hive by heating it with their bodies or cooling ...
The mention of halva appeared in the 7th century and referred to a mixture of date puree and milk.
By the 9th century, the term was used to refer to many types of sweets, including sweetened boiled f ...
According to the Brewers Association, there are 79 beer styles in the world.
These styles are grouped into 15 families and fall into one of two categories: Ale (top-fermented beer) and Lager (bottom-fermented beer).