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16 facts about Chocolate
16 facts about Chocolate
A delicacy not only for a sweet tooth
Chocolate is one of the most popular foods and flavors in the world. It was already known 4 thousand years ago. The ancient inhabitants of today's Mex ...

Did you know?

The record holder in terms of size and weight is the 1989 Cheddar.
The cheese was made in the state of Oregon and weighed 25,790 kg (56,857 lb).
The origins of Parmesan cheese production date back to the 12th century.
It is believed that medieval Benedictine and Cistercian monks from Parma were the originators of the ...
The emergence of American sweetened and carbonated beverages on the market has made kombucha or sour bread an unpopular relic.
Western corporations have succeeded, within fifty years, in completely displacing from our culture a beverage that was regularly consumed in central and eastern Europe for hundreds of years.
In Spain, churros are most often eaten at two times of the day.
They can form the basis of a sweet breakfast, but an equally popular time to indulge in this treat i ...
Buffalo milk contains more lactose than cow's milk.
However, it is sometimes better tolerated by people who are intolerant to this sugar. Due to its min ...
Kombucha is a blend of natural probiotics (fungi and bacteria), organic acids (acetic, glyconic, glucuronic, citric, lactic, tartaric, malonic, oxalic, succinic, pyruvic, tin), small amounts of sugars (sucrose, glucose and fructose), B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12), vitamin C, 14 amino acids, purines, pigments, lipids, proteins.
In addition, there are some hydrolytic enzymes, ethanol, substances that exhibit antibiotic activity ...
The most valued variety of mozzarella - mozzarella di bufala campana - is made from buffalo milk.
This cheese is produced in designated areas of the regions: Campania, Lazio, Apulia, and Molise, acc ...
The first coffee plantations in Brazil were established in 1719.
The Portuguese stole coffee seedlings from Guyana and established plantations in Brazil, making coff ...
Upon returning to the hive, the bee passes the harvest to the hive worker and then flies off to continue working.
This mouth-to-mouth exchange of nectar is called trophallaxis. The final processing of nectar into h ...
Hot dog
The Japanese version of the hot dog—Black Terra Dog—comes in a black bun.
They use edible bamboo charcoal powder to color the bun, which is over 30 cm long. It is one of the most popular street food in the Akihabara district of Tokyo.