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16 facts about Chocolate
16 facts about Chocolate
A delicacy not only for a sweet tooth
Chocolate is one of the most popular foods and flavors in the world. It was already known 4 thousand years ago. The ancient inhabitants of today's Mex ...

Did you know?

Narezushi is served nowadays in certain Japanese Prefectures and is characterized by a very distinguished aroma.
It is not a popular dish, however, since the smell is very intense.
The origins of Parmesan cheese production date back to the 12th century.
It is believed that medieval Benedictine and Cistercian monks from Parma were the originators of the ...
Pizza toppings vary depending on the country.
While Koreans enjoy their pizza with wasabi and sweet potatoes, the most popular topping in Costa Ri ...
As early as around 221-206 BC, kombucha began to be drunk in China, a country where traditional medicine is practiced.
This was during the reign of the Jin Dynasty. Kombucha at that time was called the Elixir of Eternal Life or the Tea of Immortality.
The first type of sushi was nare-zushi.
It was a combination of fermented rice with preserved fish, which was partially fermented and partia ...
Coffee is available in various forms.
Unroasted beans, the so-called “green” coffee In roasted beans Ground Soluble (freeze-dried or dried by spraying in hot air)
Wagyū Beef
To classify beef as Wagyū, each animal must undergo DNA testing.
Specimens that have 100% Japanese breed genes are considered full-blooded, those that have at least ...
Mozzarella received the Traditional Specialties Guaranteed (GTS) certificate from the European Union in 1998.
This system requires mozzarella sold in the EU to be produced according to a traditional recipe. The certification does not specify the source of the milk, but suggests it to be whole milk.
Followers of a raw food diet crave raw halva, made with raw ingredients–tahini, almonds, agave nectar, and salt, mixed and frozen until firm.
One of the largest cheddar cheeses was produced in Wisconsin in 1964.
Weighing 15,690 kg (34,591 lb), the cheese puck was made for the New York World's Fair. For its production was used daily portion of milk from 16,000 cows.