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42 facts about Kyshtym disaster
42 facts about Kyshtym disaster
The first nuclear accident in Earth's history
Before information about it saw the light of day, the Soviets hid it for over 30 years. The explosion at the Mayak combine was the first nuclear accid ...

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Axum Empire
The empire created its own language, alphabet, minted its coins (copper, silver and gold).
Some have been found in India and China, confirming the presence of the Aksumites in these areas. Th ...
Dyatlov Pass incident
Rustem Slobodin's autopsy revealed a fracture of the frontal bone of the skull.
In all likelihood, the injury caused Slobodin to lose consciousness, which ended in death from hypot ...
Kyshtym disaster
Information about the Mayak explosion reached the public in 1992.
The person responsible for providing this information was prosecutor Lev Ivanov, who was investigati ...
Kyshtym disaster
Irregularities were becoming more frequent at the combine itself.
Metal liquid waste tanks with a capacity of 300 cubic meters were located inside a cylinder made of ...
Kyshtym disaster
Kurchatov received more than 30.000 pages of secret documents from the Americans.
The Soviets received plans for the construction of a nuclear bomb, as well as information about the ...
Ancient Sumer
They are also credited with inventing the chariot around 3,200 B.C.
Dyatlov Pass incident
In the case of the Dyatlov Pass tragedy, the involvement of the Mansi is also a popular hypothesis.
The Mansi inhabit the Siberian territories between the Urals and the Ob River. It is an autonomous g ...
It was not until 1994 that the public learned of the whereabouts of Priam's treasure.
It turned out that the valuables had been resting all these years in a special room in the numismatic department of the Pushkin Museum in Moscow.
Troy is best known for the war that took place there, which is described in the ancient Greek epic poem The Iliad, written by Homer.
The Iliad was probably written in the 8th or 9th century BC. There are also references to Troy in an ...
Kyshtym disaster
As a result of the explosion, the cooling system of the remaining radioactive waste tanks was damaged.
A meter-long mound of earth was prepared at the epicenter of the explosion. Then Soviets drilled int ...