Dyatlov Pass incident

The group originally consisted of nine people.

An excerpt from the article 39 facts about Dyatlov Pass incident

They were Igor Dyatlov (23 years old), Yuri Yudin (21 years old), Zinaida Kolmogorova (22 years old), Nikolai Thibeaux-Brignolle (24 years old), Lyudmila Dubinina (21 years old), Yuri Doroshenko (21 years old), Aleksandr Kolevatov (25 years old), Georgy Yuri Krivonishchenko (24 years old) and Rustem Slobodin (23 years old). 

All were students or graduates of the Ural Polytechnical Institute in Sverdlovsk. They had lots of mountain climbing experience, and a large number of contemporary commentators call them pioneers of high-altitude climbing.

The Ural Polytechnical Institute educated future engineers and builders, destined to contribute to the world domination of the USSR and the defeat of the United States in the arms race.