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21 facts about Stinging nettle
21 facts about Stinging nettle
An underrated source of health
It is often thought of as a weed that causes an unpleasant burning sensation when touched. However, it is treated with respect by many for its nutriti ...

Did you know?

Some trees are living fossils.
Fossil representatives of ginkgo are known from numerous fossils, the oldest of which date to about 280 million years ago.The only relic of this group has remained until modern times ginkgo biloba.
Rice (Oryza) is a type of cereal in the Poaceae family.
This family contains about 11,000 species. The panicles are a major component of the grassland formations of meadows and pastures, but it also includes cultivated plants, including cereals.
Lemon balm
Eugenol, found in lemon balm, has antiseptic and anesthetic properties.
It is used in dentistry to decontaminate dental canals and as an ingredient in dental cement. It is ...
Sycamore maple tree
The sycamore maple is a melliferous plant.
It is popularly planted in parks for ornamental purposes and sometimes as a street tree, as it is to ...
Sesame seeds
Sesame is one of the oldest plants cultivated by humans.
It is believed to have originated in Africa, from where it was introduced, first to Asia and later t ...
Lemon tree can reach a height of 5 or even 10 m.
Most varieties have spiky branches.
Why is it called Poinsettia?
It is named after the first United States ambassador to Mexico, Joel Roberts Poinsett. He was the fi ...
Most obvious distinctive feature is their color. Lemons are usually bright yellow, while limes are usually a bright shade of green. However, some types of limes turn yellow when they ripen.
The avocado trade is so beneficial that it has become an interest of drug cartels.
There are known cases of seizing cultivations by the mafia.
The poinsettia was first described as a new species in 1834 by German scientist Johann Friedrich Klotzsch.