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18 facts about Forbidden City
18 facts about Forbidden City
Largest Palace in the World
The Forbidden City, also known as the Imperial Palace in Beijing, is one of the most fascinating monuments in the world. This magnificent and mysterio ...

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Lighthouse of Alexandria
The lighthouse was repeatedly damaged by earthquakes that occurred in the area. Around the 2nd century AD its upper part collapsed.
Spanish Steps
Although there is a superstition that one should not eat on these stairs because it brings bad luck, it was a place where tourists loved to eat.
According to law, it is forbidden to do so and to sit on the stairs.
Temple of Artemis
It has been destroyed three times.
First time it was by a flood, second by arson and third after northern germanic tribes raided Ephesus.
Great Pyramid of Giza
In 820 the first time the Arabs dug inside the pyramid.
By the orders of the caliph Al-Ma'mun they excavated a new entrance to the object, digging under the ...
Great Pyramid of Giza
Originally, the great Pyramid was 146.59 m tall but due to the loss of the crowning stone called pyramidion and further erosion it decreased to 138.75 m.
It is not excluded that the pyramidion could have been gilded. The view of the complete pyramid in the sunlight must have been breathtaking.
Eiffel tower
Initially, the tower was to stand for only 20 years after its construction, but due to its use for telecommunications purposes, its life was prolonged.
Fortunately, today no one thinks about its demolition, because it perfectly fits into the panorama of the city and became its integral part.
Stonehenge is a story that stretches over thousands of years. It begins in the Stone Age, continues into the Bronze Age, and probably goes back to the Iron Age.
First pits, into which pine pillars about 75 cm in diameter were inserted, date back to about 8,000 ...
Andrea Bocelli, Elton John, and Ray Charles, among others, played their concerts in the Colosseum arena.
The current director of the Colosseum, Alfonsina Russo, plans to open the facility for rock concerts of bands like U2 or Sting.
Every Good Friday since 1750, the Pope leads a torchlit “Way of the Cross” procession from around the Colosseum.
The tradition was broken in 1870 after the abolition of the Papal State and later resumed at the initiative of Pope Paul VI in 1964.
Leaning Tower of Pisa
The city of Pisa and its Leaning Tower are sometimes called the city of Aries Constellation - La citta dell'ariete.
This nickname dates from ancient times, when the year in Pisa's religious calendar began on March 25 ...