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29 facts about Palace of Versailles
29 facts about Palace of Versailles
Former residence of the kings of France
The Palace of Versailles is one of the largest palace complexes in Europe. It is part of the historical and cultural heritage of France, as a symbol o ...

Did you know?

Neuschwanstein Castle
In 1923, the palaces of King Ludwig II, including Neuschwanstein, were transferred to state ownership.
They are currently managed by the Bavarian Palace Administration, a branch of the Bavarian Ministry of Finance.
Great Wall of China
On July 7, 2007, the Great Wall of China was declared one of the world's seven new wonders.
Tower Bridge
It is a bascule bridge, allowing the passage of ocean-going ships up to about 40.5 meters high.
In the early days of the bridge, ships with tall masts passed under it. In its first month of operat ...
White house
The construction went on for eight years, from 1792 to 1800.
The foundations and main residence were built mainly by slaves, free Afro-American workers, and Euro ...
The formal inauguration of the Zwinger took place in 1719.
The pretext was the wedding of Prince Elector Frederick Augustus II (Augustus III of Poland) to the ...
Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia combines the features of a basilica - an elongated building founded on a rectangular or Latin cross plan - and a central building - based on a circular plan.
The basilica type is characteristic for the Christian architecture of the Latin circle and the centr ...
Schönbrunn Palace
Schönbrunn Park is home to a palm house dating back to 1880-the largest in Europe and one of the three largest in the world.
With a total length of 111 meters, a width of 28 meters, and a height of 25 meters, the palm house h ...
Temple of Artemis
It was a place of magnificent ancient Greek religious festival. The celebration lasted for a few days.
It was adapted from Hellenic to Roman tradition. The famous festival was elongated from a few days to a whole month by the Roman edict from 162 AD.
Empire State Building
The Empire State Building has 103 floors.
Golden Gate Bridge
The signature paint was created precisely for the Golden Gate Bridge.
It is slightly lighter than the common International Orange, and its formula is rust-resistant. To maintain its vibrancy, the bridge is constantly being painted.