20 facts about Eiffel tower

Eiffel tower
20 facts about Eiffel tower

The symbol of Paris and the tallest structure in the city.

Although according to the assumptions the Eiffel Tower was to be dismantled after 20 years from its construction, fortunately nobody decided to take this step. However, in the 1960s the idea of dismantling the tower came up again but by this time no one could imagine Paris without it, so the idea was rejected. Learn a few facts about this extraordinary monument to 19th century engineering and technology.

1.When the tower was commissioned on March 31, 1889, it was the tallest building in the world.
For 41 years no taller structure has been built. The tower was dethroned by the Chrysler Building in 1930.
2.Eiffel tower is 324 meters high.
It was the highest building in France until 1973 when a military radio relay was built in Saissac.
3.To climb the Eiffel Tower you have to overcome 1665 steps.
For lazy people there is of course the possibility to use an elevator.
4.Over 250 million people visited Eiffel Tower since its opening.
Currently, about 67 million people visit the Eiffel Tower each year. (except during the covid-19 pandemic of course)
5.Construction took two years, two months and five days.
250 people worked building the tower and there were no serious injuries and deaths during construction.
6.Every 7 years the Eiffel Tower is repainted.
For this purpose, 60 tons of paint are used each time.
7.In 1889, the tower was the entrance and main attraction of the International Exposition in Paris.
8.During the German occupation of Paris, the elevators on the tower were disabled by cutting the cables and the tower was closed to tourists.
It was planned to hang a large swastika on the top, but it was so big that it was blown away by the wind and finally a much smaller one was placed.
9.The elevators on the Eiffel Tower were not repaired until 1946.
10.The names of 72 prominent scientists and engineers of that time are engraved on the facade of the tower.
At the beginning of the 20th century the names were painted over, but in 1987 they came back to life and we can admire them again.