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32 facts about Peter the Great
32 facts about Peter the Great
The first Emperor of all Russia
Peter the Great is considered one of Russia's greatest rulers. He was a great reformer, strategist, and builder who was the first of the tsars to trav ...

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Peter the Great
He was the first Russian tsar to travel abroad.
In 1697-1698, he embarked on an official diplomatic, 18-month mission called the “Grand Embassy,” tr ...
Frederic Chopin
When his health improved, the couple returned to France.Chopin spent six successive summers at George Sand's summer estate at Nohant, and these were undoubtedly his happiest moments in life after leaving his homeland.
There he composed, among other works, the Ballade in A flat major, Nocturnes Op. 48, the Fantasy in ...
The exact date of Hypatia's birth is not known.
She was probably born around 355 or 370. Such dates are given in her biographies, written by ancient scholars decades after her death. Most modern scholars believe that Hypatia was born in 370.
Frederic Chopin
Chopin had three sisters: Ludwika, Izabela and Emilia, who died prematurely.
Emilia died very young. Frederick was closest with Ludwika.
Nikola Tesla
In 1879, Nikola Tesla suffered a nervous breakdown.
His father came to Maribor and begged his son to return home, but he refused. He was soon detained b ...
Amadeus Mozart
After Mozart's death, Constance was in a very bad financial situation.
So she turned to the imperial court for an annuity from the composer. She also organized a series of concerts that brought her a substantial income.
Ada Lovelace
The second Tuesday of October is Ada Lovelace Day.
It is an annual event that began on the second Tuesday of October in 2009. Its purpose is to raise t ...
Ernest Hemingway
Hemingway’s marital relations began to deteriorate when he met Pauline Pfeiffer and got into an affair with her, and his wife found out.
Hadley asked for a separation and later filed for divorce. The couple divorced in January 1927, and ...
Ernest Hemingway
Contrary to prevailing legend, Hemingway was not the first person in liberated Paris, nor did he liberate the Ritz Hotel.
While there, he reconciled with Gertrude Stein and visited Pablo Picasso and Sylvia Beach.
Antonio Vivaldi
He spent the next years of his life traveling around Europe, where he conducted his concerts.
Vivaldi was famous not only in Venice, but his works were also known and admired in France, Holland, Austria, and throughout Italy.