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21 facts about Ada Lovelace
21 facts about Ada Lovelace
The first female programmer
Ada Lovelace was a British poet and mathematician who lived in the first half of the 19th century. She was the daughter of one of Britain's greatest d ...

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William Shakespeare
No manuscripts of Shakespeare have survived, and no correspondence or notes remain of him.
Only five of his signatures remain: one under his will, one on the title page of Montaigne’s work “T ...
Amadeus Mozart
Eight-year-old Amadeus gave concerts at Versailles for Louis XV and at Buckingham Palace for George III.
At the age of thirteen, he became concertmaster of the archbishop's band in 1769.
Christopher Columbus
The crew, exhausted by the hardships of the expedition, the high-handed and ruthless behavior of the captain, and disappointed by the absence of the promised riches, began to rebel.
Some broke away from the expedition and searched for treasure on their own, while others returned to ...
Robert Oppenheimer
Years later, Oppenheimer was rehabilitated by President John F. Kennedy. He awarded him the Enrico Fermi Prize in 1963 for his contributions to the development of atomic energy.
After Kennedy's assassination, his successor, President Lyndon Johnson, presented Oppenheimer with t ...
During his early years at the Tsar's court, Rasputin went on various pilgrimages several times, including (possibly) Jerusalem in 1911.
During one stay in his native village, an attempt on his life took place. One of the members of the ...
Napoleon Bonaparte
When Bonaparte was sixteen, his father died.
Napoleon always respected his mother, treating her with typical Corsican reverence. His attitude tow ...
Napoleon Bonaparte
To consolidate his power in France, after a nationwide plebiscite, Napoleon crowned himself Emperor of the French on December 2, 1804.
Napoleon by this time had established himself as a powerful ruler, and to add splendor to the corona ...
Antonio Vivaldi
There was also an anecdote circulating about Vivaldi referring to him as a red-headed priest running to the sacristy during mass to write down a musical theme that had just come to mind.
There was also a rumor about his alleged mistress, who was said to be Anna Giro. Anna Giro first san ...
Volodymyr Zelenskyy
He is a lawyer by education, although he has never worked in this profession.
Yielding to the suggestions of his father, who insisted that his son learn a practical profession, V ...
Frederic Chopin
Even as a child Frederic made numerous appearances in the salons of the Warsaw aristocracy.
Thanks to Żywny, who wrote down his compositions of variations and dances according to Frederic's in ...