Friday, 24 May 2024

Did you know?

Christopher Columbus
The crew, exhausted by the hardships of the expedition, the high-handed and ruthless behavior of the captain, and disappointed by the absence of the promised riches, began to rebel.
Some broke away from the expedition and searched for treasure on their own, while others returned to ...
Constantine the Great
Constantine was a very loyal member of the court.
He fought on the side of Diocletian and Galerius in Asia and served on various tribunates; he campai ...
Ada Lovelace
Ada Lovelace befriended her tutor Mary Somerville.Mary Somerville was a Scottish physicist, writer and scholar. She studied mathematics and astronomy, and in 1835 she and Caroline Herschel (a British astronomer) were elected as the first honorary members of the Royal Astronomical Society.
Somerville introduced Ada in 1833 to Charles Babbage, the "father of computing," an English scientis ...
Anna Pavlova
In 1911, Pavlova formed her own ballet company.
Her choreographies were shaped by Marius Petipa’s style, but she also choreographed her own pieces. She toured Europe, South America, North America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.
Napoleon Bonaparte
It is quite common to attribute the introduction of right-hand traffic to Napoleon.
Right-hand traffic was first introduced by Denmark in 1758. At first only in Copenhagen, and from 17 ...
Amadeus Mozart
Just before his death, Mozart began work on the Requiem funeral mass.
He did not manage to complete this work. In the manuscript, the last notes put by his hand fall on t ...
Volodymyr Zelenskyy
He is a wealthy person.
When registering as a presidential candidate, he submitted a declaration of assets showing that he o ...
In ancient times he was believed to be the son of the river god Meles and the nymph Kreteis.
It was believed that Homer's original name was Melesigenes and that he was the son of the river god ...
William Shakespeare
William had many siblings.
He had three brothers (Gilbert, 1566 - 1611, Richard, 1574 - 1612, and Edmund, 1580 - 1607), and fou ...
Aristotle remained in the Academy until 37 years of age.
After Plato’s death in 348 or 347, his nephew Speusippus took control of the academy. It is unknown, however, whether that was the reason Aristotle decided to leave the academy.