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13 facts about Palais Garnier
13 facts about Palais Garnier
Académie Nationale de Musique
The Opéra Garnier, officially known as the Palais Garnier, is an outstanding architectural work and symbolizes the golden age of opera and ballet in t ...

Did you know?

La Sagrada Familia
The Sagrada Familia has three facades.
They take their names from the portals adorning them that are closely related to the gospels, and th ...
Space Needle
The elevator ride takes approximately 43 seconds.
Big Ben
The tower's main bell is its largest bell and part of the Great Clock of Westminster.
The original bell was 16-ton, cast in 1856 and because the tower was not yet ready, it was tested in ...
The first spire was erected between 1220 and 1230, resting on the transept structure and rising 78 meters from the floor.
The spire served as a bell tower. There was a cross with relics hidden inside on top of the spire. I ...
Christ The Redeemer
For the 75th anniversary of the monument, a small chapel was built at its base.
Many people decide to get married in this church.
Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia was plundered and desecrated in 1204 by Western knights during the Fourth Crusade.
The church served the Catholics from 1204 to 1261.
Göbekli Tepe
The hill, 15 meters (49 feet) high and 300x300 meters (984 x 984 feet) in size, was used for agricultural purposes for many years.
Numerous stones were moved from the site when farmers subdivided the land for cultivation according to their needs. The archeological value of the site has undoubtedly suffered some damage.
The city's wealth encouraged the development of architecture and influenced its appearance.
Wealthy townspeople competed with the aristocracy in building magnificent villas and their decoration.
Big Ben
Above the bell tower and the Aryton Light are 52 shields decorated with the symbols of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales).
A red and white rose representing the Tudor dynasty Thistle signifying Scotland The shamrock repres ...
Spanish Steps
Although there is a superstition that one should not eat on these stairs because it brings bad luck, it was a place where tourists loved to eat.
According to law, it is forbidden to do so and to sit on the stairs.