Facts about Singapore

33 facts about Singapore

The golden pearl of Asia

Located between Malaysia and Indonesia, Singapore is an island, a state, and a city. Small in area, it is a cosmopolitan, fabulously wealthy metropolis. Almost six million people live there. Singapore is the financial capital of Asia, one of the wealthiest countries in the world, a symbol of business, career, and money. At the same time, it is a one-party state, the state of prohibitions and orders.
The name of the city-state derives from two Sanskrit words: simha (lion) and pura (city).
According to Malay legend, the Prince of Sumatra visited the island of Temasek. While seeking shelter from a storm, he encountered a lion, which he took as a good omen, and founded Singapore. Since lions have never been found in Singapore, he probably saw a Malayan tiger.
Singapore was leased from the Sultanate of Johor in 1819 as a trading post by East India Company.
The British bought Singapore from the sultan in 1826 and turned it into a naval base. It later became a part of the British colonies.
During World War II, Singapore passed into Japanese possession.
The Japanese occupied it till 1945.
The independent Republic of Singapore was proclaimed in 1965.
Singapore became a member of the United Nations in the same year.
Singapore is a republic belonging to the British Commonwealth.
Power is exercised by the president elected for a six-year term, and the parliament is unicameral.
Singapore is an authoritarian country led by the People’s Action Party.
Participation in elections is mandatory in Singapore.
It is known for its strict law.
It has the death penalty, which is carried out regularly and is highly accepted by society. There is also the punishment of flogging and numerous prohibitions punishable by heavy fines.
Chewing gum is forbidden in Singapore.
It is forbidden to sell or buy chewing gum and import it into the country.
Possession of drugs is punishable by death.
Smoking in public is strictly forbidden. Only open packs of cigarettes can be brought into the country.
The State of Singapore is located on the island of Singapore, with an area of 576 square kilometers.
The island is surrounded by 60 islets, mostly surrounded by coral reefs. The island is lowland, with the highest peak of Timah (177 meters).