Hyacinth macaw

Breeding takes place during the rainy season (from July to December).

An excerpt from the article 14 facts about Hyacinth macaw

These birds reach sexual maturity after seven years.  This is quite late compared to other Arini (the green-winged ara reaches sexual maturity between two and three years).

The female usually lays two to three eggs at two-day intervals, which incubate for about 28 days. Then the male alone provides food.

Usually only one chick survives to molt; the others, which hatch a few days after the first, do not receive proper parental care. After the chicks hatch, both parents go out in search of food. Young parrots become fully feathered in about 13 weeks.

After leaving the burrow, they live with their parents for about a year or even a year and a half.

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