Charles III

The King of Great Britain is an active ecology enthusiast.

An excerpt from the article 23 facts about Charles III

As early as the 1970s, Charles became interested in ecology and environmental protection. He gave his first speech in Wales at the age of 21. In the years that followed, he began to incorporate more and more activities related to caring for the planet into his daily life.

He created gardens and engaged in gardening. He spoke openly about talking to plants. He used biofuel in his car. He also reduced his meat consumption, and after he became king, reports surfaced in the media that he wanted to hire a chef to specialize in vegan dishes at Buckingham Palace. 

In addition to his local activities, Charles has attended a number of events related to the environment. Among the most recent are the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2020 or the Climate Summit in 2021.

It is speculated that his achievements as king will be working to save the earth.

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