Rome is a city with very strict animal protection laws.

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In 2005, the city published a 59-point statute to protect animals. The law applies to both stray and domestic animals.

Regulations prohibit keeping fish in glass balls, abandoning a pet is a crime, and there is no euthanasia in animal shelters.

Dog owners are required to walk their pets at least once a day and are not allowed to use shocks or clips. Pets are also not allowed to have their tails clipped.

The law also prohibits the display of animals in pet stores.

Cats have been protected by law since 1991. As a result, they have the right to stay anywhere in the city and no one can chase them away. They have the right to be fed in the place where they have found shelter, and it is a crime to harm a cat.

Unfortunately, enforcement is sometimes patchy, not all Italians are used to treating pets with dignity, and the law is sometimes difficult to enforce.

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