Today, you can admire many ancient monuments in Ephesus.

An excerpt from the article 30 facts about Epheseus

These include:

  • Odeon - a small theater with a capacity of 1500-2000 people, built in the 2nd century by Vedius Antonius and his wife. It had a wooden roof.
  • Prytaneion - city council building from the 1st century.
  • Way of the Curets (cult priests) - part of the sacred road leading to the Temple of Artemis, along which the priests carried wood to keep the sacred fire burning.
  • Temple of Domitian - its remains are among the few preserved traces related to the name of Domitian
  • Pollia Fountain
  • Monument of Memmius
  • Hadrian's Temple
  • Scholastica Baths - typical Roman baths from the 1st century, adjacent to the men's latrines, and these in turn near the tannery where urine was used in the process of tanning leather
  • Library of Celsus - one of the most important monuments of Ephesus. It was built to honor the memory of Tiberius Julius Cesus Polemenus and as his burial place. The library contained 12.000. scrolls placed in wall niches
  • Grand Theater - it was one of the largest theaters in Ionia, which is now used during the annual Ephesian Music Festivals