The national flower of the Philippines is Jasminum sambac - (Arabian jasmine, Sambac jasmine), called Sampaguita by Filipinos.

An excerpt from the article 24 facts about Philippines

It is a species of jasmine native to tropical Asia, commonly cultivated there as an ornamental plant and for its strongly fragrant flowers. Sambac jasminum was adopted by the Philippines as the national flower on February 1, 1934. Filipinos make garlands from flowers, which are used as a form of showing reverence or distinction. They are used to decorate religious images, processions, and photographs of the dead. Strings of these flowers are placed around the necks of various dignitaries, guests, and graduates. They are used to decorate state ceremonies at Malacañang Palace (the official residence of the President of the Philippines), weddings, and other events.

The design of ceremonial torch for the 2019 Southeast Asian Games, designed by Filipino sculptor Daniel Dela Cruz, was inspired by the Sampaguita.