Czech Republic

The Czech state is proud of its symbols, which include the large and small Czech coat of arms, the Czech flag, the flag of the Czech President, the state seal, the Czech national colors (white, red, and blue), and the anthem ("Where My Home Is").

An excerpt from the article 27 facts about Czech Republic

The crown of Saint Wenceslas, which is a national relic and an unofficial symbol of Czech statehood and sovereignty, is particularly respected there. The Crown of Saint Wenceslas (Svatováclavská koruna) is a coronation insignia, the crown of the rulers of Bohemia from 1347 to 1836. It is kept in the Cathedral of Saints Vitus, Wenceslaus, and Adalbert in Prague. The crown contains a thorn from Christ's crown brought from Paris.

The symbol of the Czech Republic is also the linden tree, whose leaves are depicted, among others, on the state seal and banknotes.