Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a highland and mountainous country, lowland areas, mainly in the form of river valleys and depressions, occupy 24%. Upland areas (300-800 m above sea level) cover 72% of the country's area, and mountains only 4%.

An excerpt from the article 27 facts about Czech Republic

In the west of the country, there is the Bohemian Massif, which is a quadrangular block with raised edges, forming mountain ranges exceeding a height of 1000 m above sea level. In the east, there is a part of the Carpathians, which is divided into the White Carpathians, Jaworniki, and the Moravian Beskids, where the highest peak is Lysá hora (1324 m above sea level).

The Bohemian Massif is separated from the Carpathians by the Morava River basin, which connects to the Danube Plain.