Palace of Versailles

There were also major deficiencies in the table manners.

An excerpt from the article 29 facts about Palace of Versailles

The example was set by the ruler himself, who did not use cutlery when eating and washed his hands with Bourbon - he claimed that in this way he protected himself against germs.

Bad breath was eliminated by chewing cloves or other aromatic herbs.

Neglected hair was hidden under the sophisticated wigs that were fashionable at that time.

There was also a lack of toilets, which was coped with by using fabric-covered chairs with holes in them. Chamber pots were used, the contents of which were "disposed" through windows, behind walls, and most often into fireplaces. Castle gardens most often served as toilets in Versailles.

In 1715, Louis XIV issued a regulation ordering that feces be cleaned from the corridors of Versailles once a week.