Palace of Versailles

Designers of contemporary castles included bathrooms and toilets but ultimately abandoned them as they were considered unnecessary.

An excerpt from the article 29 facts about Palace of Versailles

This was the standard of cleanliness at that time, which did not include washing the body itself, but only wearing clean underwear. This procedure had its scientific justification.

It was believed that white linen absorbs sweat because it is oily and salty, and therefore easily absorbs into dead plants (linen shirts). This was considered better than bathing and therefore hygiene was not very popular at Versailles.

Instead of washing, huge amounts of substances were used to mask the questionable state of cleanliness: powders, roses, and perfumes. The perfume was used in huge quantities and the stronger the scent, the better. Especially those with a heavy scent were used, made based on civet (secretion of the civet's anal glands), ambergris (secretion from the digestive tract of the sperm whale), and musk (secretion from the scent glands of the Siberian musk deer).