The Swiss Plateau stretches from Lake Geneva on the border with France to Lake Constance on the border with Austria and Germany.

An excerpt from the article 45 facts about Switzerland

The entire highland is covered with hills, small lakes, and rivers. Its average height is 580 m. Switzerland's largest lakes are located here: Lake Geneva (581.3 square kilometers) and Lake Constance (541.1 square kilometers), although they do not lie entirely within Switzerland. The largest lake lying entirely within the country is Neuchatel (218.3 square kilometers). The Swiss Plateau is crossed by the valleys of the Rhône, Rhine, Aare, and Thur rivers. On the Rhine, near Schaffhausen, there are the largest waterfalls in Europe - the Rheinfall waterfalls. They are 150 m wide and 25 m high. The Swiss Plateau covers 1/3 of the country's area and about 60% of the population lives there.