In 1552, King Sigismund II August visited Königsberg.

An excerpt from the article 24 facts about Kaliningrad

In 1542, Prince Albrecht Hohenzollern, who was the nephew of King Sigismund the Old, established a particular school in Königsberg (actually in Knipaw, one of the three cities that were part of Königsberg). The school prepared candidates for university studies. The dynamically developing school was transformed into the Protestant Albertina University.

The Albertina University existed in Königsberg in the years 1544-1945 and was the only university in the Duchy of Prussia, as well as one of the most important in the First Polish Republic. After the separation of Prussia from Poland (1657), Albertina remained the largest academic center in East Prussia until the end of its existence.

Albertina's first students included: Jan Kochanowski, Piotr Kochanowski, Andrzej Kochanowski, Stanisław Sarnicki, Erazm Glinczer et al.

In 1560, Sigismund Augustus granted the Academy in Królewiec the same privileges as the Kraków Academy. From that moment on, Albertina could award academic degrees.