Albania is a mountainous country, where mountains and highlands cover 75% of the area.

An excerpt from the article 25 facts about Albania

Areas above 1000 m above sea level they constitute 28.8% of the country's area. The mountains in Albania are the southern extension of the great Balkan chain of the Dinaric Mountains.

The most extensive mountain ranges are the Albanian Alps in the north, the Korab Mountains in the east, the Pindus Mountains in the southeast, and the Skanderbeg Mountains in the center of the country. The highest peak in the country is Maja e Korabit, 2764 m above sea level, situated on the border with Macedonia.

One of the most extraordinary features of southern Albania is the Ceraunia Mountains, stretching for approximately 100 km, which fall vertically into the Mediterranean Sea. Within the Central Albanian Mountains lies the Korçë Valley, which is the largest valley in the country. Its bottom lies at an altitude of approximately 800 m above sea level.

The mountainous areas of Albania are in many places crossed by river valleys.