Janosik considered a Tatra hero operating on the Polish side of the mountains, was Slovak, not Polish.

An excerpt from the article 37 facts about Slovakia

He was a Carpathian highwayman and a Slovak national hero who lived at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. His name was Juraj Janosik, and he was Slovak and came from the village of Terchova, near Žilina. While serving in the Austrian army, he met a certain Tomas Uhorcik, who was a troublemaker of Carpathian bandits and joined his band of bandits. When Uhorcik left the gang, Janosik became the new harnaś. He operated on the Hungarian-Polish border, and the victims of his attacks were mainly merchants, parish priests, postal messengers, and other wealthy people. He robbed mainly for himself and did not share with the poor. In 1713, he was captured, tried, and sentenced to death by hanging on a hook by his left rib.