In the 16th century, the country was conquered by the Spanish Empire.

An excerpt from the article 43 facts about Peru

Francisco Pizarro began the conquest on the west coast of South America. In 1525, the Inca Empire collapsed, the Inca troops were defeated, and the Spaniards took over the entire country. In 1535, Pizarro founded Lima, and a year later the Viceroyalty of Peru (New Castile) was established, which ruled over all the lands conquered in all of South America. The country's colonization, settlement, and development of local crafts and trade continued. Silver exploitation began in local mines. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Peru was the most valuable colony of Spain. The oppressed Indians tried to free themselves from the rule of the conquistadors by organizing various uprisings, but each time they were bloodily suppressed.