Recently, a hunter's grave from about 9000 years ago was discovered in Peru - this is proof that women hunted there on an equal footing with men.

An excerpt from the article 43 facts about Peru

Both this grave and analysis of other hunter burial sites suggest that in ancient South America, women hunted game together with men. In excavations in the area known as Wilamaya Patjxa, scientists found six human graves, including one containing a very large number of artifacts, including a set of hunting tools (arrowheads, spears, stone blades). A thorough analysis showed that the grave belonged to a 17-19-year-old woman, and based on the number of accessories found with her, it was concluded that she performed some important functions in the community and was very successful in hunting. Detailed examination of a large number of ancient graves showed that out of 26 people buried with hunting tools, 11 of them were women, and 15 graves belonged to men. Further statistical analyses confirmed the active participation of women, showing that they constituted between 30 and 50% of hunters in these populations. It turns out that we are taught the idea that the gender roles that we take for granted in society today, or that many take for granted, may not be as natural as some people think.