In the Amazon jungle, above Ucayali, there is a small village of Caimito, where the Shipibo Indians live.

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In 2020, 750 people lived there and as many as 80% of them were infected with the COVID-19 virus. The distance of the village from the regional capital Pucallpa, where there is medical assistance, is 8 hours by boat on the Ucayali. Caimito is one of many settlements of the Shipibo tribe scattered throughout the Amazon. The number of Shipibo is estimated at 20.000 to 35.000 people. Their shamans produce the famous psychedelic drink - ayahuasca, but treatment with a decoction of magical herbs does not bring any results in the fight against the coronavirus - the local hospital, from which the doctor fled after the first signs of the virus appeared, does not even have paracetamol. Although these people live in isolation from large agglomerations, the virus entered the jungle, with people returning from the city who lost their jobs during the lockdown and, having nothing to live on, returned to their villages.