The Irish national and religious holiday, which is celebrated all over the world like no other, is Saint Patrick's Day.

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The holiday is celebrated on March 17. It is a day off from work in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Newfoundland and Labrador and Montserrat - an island in the Lesser Antilles archipelago.

The most important tradition of celebrating Saint Patrick's Day is wearing green clothes. Green is the national color of Ireland, referring to the grassy landscape of the island and symbolizing the shamrock traditionally attributed to Saint Patrick. In many cities, the Irish organize festivals and street parades dominated by greenery.

Another tradition associated with celebrating this holiday is the tradition of drinking whisky. Behind this tradition is a legend, according to which St. Patrick frightened an innkeeper who did not refill a full measure of liquor that this would cause monsters to appear in her tavern. The frightened woman has always filled her glass to the brim ever since.