The 18th century resulted in huge changes in the customs and aesthetics of Austria, which now results in crowds of tourists wanting to see the effects of these changes.

An excerpt from the article 31 facts about Austria

The French Revolution of 1789 and its consequences were a shock for the European noble families of that time. The Austrian state administration, Emperor Francis I, and Chancellor Metternich, reacted differently to the French events. Unlike in other countries, bourgeois rights were restricted and censorship was introduced. The townspeople began to withdraw from public life and locked themselves in their homes. This is how a new style was born - Biedermeier - a style in art, literature, music, and, above all, interior design. The center of cultural life was then concentrated in home salons, various branches of art flourished, and painters such as Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller and Friedrich Gauermann, composers such as Franz Schubert, and writers - Adalbert Stifter, Ferdinand Raimund, and Franz Grillparzer - began to gain fame.