Dyatlov Pass incident

One of the expedition's participants, Aleksandr Kolevatov, worked at Institute 3394 in Moscow.

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Employees at Institute 3394 in Moscow focused on creating a nuclear shield, designing nuclear weapons, developing a space shuttle design (Sputnik), and working on nuclear fuel optimization. The Institute was a top-secret compound, unofficially called the brains behind the Cold War.

Kolevatov studied on a one-to-one basis at the Faculty of Physics and Technology of the Ural Polytechnical Institute.

Kolevatov is linked to the mysterious disappearance of his expedition's logbook.

According to witnesses, Kolevatov never parted with it. It was the only item that the search parties failed to find.

There are suspicions that in connection with his work, the diary may have been confiscated by one of the members of the first search party to secure the records it contained.

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