Dyatlov Pass incident

Many theories point to the unfounded assumption of the post-mortem origins of some injuries.

An excerpt from the article 39 facts about Dyatlov Pass incident

The evidence gathered in the case does not definitively support any of the assumptions. 

It was unanimously agreed that representatives of the Soviet Union never cared about providing a fair explanation of the causes of the tragedy. They did not care about the truth or the psychological well-being of the families and friends of the dead. What may have been important was to properly camouflage potentially sensitive information to protect the Communist Party and its interests. It should be noted that the revelation of the connection between two tourists and the Mayak combine saw light more than thirty years after the Kyshtym accident. 

The lack of involvement of Soviet forces in explaining the tragedy seems evident.

Researchers cite, among other things, the fact that each of the victims of the Dyatlov Pass incident had a strange brown skin tone. Officially, this has never actually been addressed. It is also indicated that radiation was detected on some of the clothing. It is not known whether this only applied to the clothes of nuclear workers. It is certain, however, that Georgy Yuri Krivonishchenko participated in the cleanup of the Mayak tank explosion.

What is known is that the participants of the expedition were so poor that they did not have their own clothes. All jackets, hats, boots, or gloves they had with them were borrowed.

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