Dyatlov Pass incident

The theory also explains why investigators failed to establish the truth.

An excerpt from the article 39 facts about Dyatlov Pass incident

Further strands of this theory assumed that search groups had been infiltrated. Their members skillfully diverted attention from certain traces, and obliterated some of them.

Behind the probability of this hypothesis is the fact that the initial search groups consisted of inexperienced people. They also included students from the Ural Polytechnical Institute, who had no idea how to handle or search for evidence. One of the earliest reports indicates that members of the first search group made additional cuts in the tent and took a bottle of alcohol from inside, which they then consumed around a campfire.

The theory is considered by numerous researchers to be one of the more plausible, as many elements fit very smoothly into it. Although it fits the characteristics of Soviet Russia, it does not explain all the threads.

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