Dyatlov Pass incident

Many supporters, mainly among Russians, have a theory that assumes the death of tourists as a result of an unfortunate accident.

An excerpt from the article 39 facts about Dyatlov Pass incident

The area in the Otorten Peak region was rich in mineral deposits, mined with dynamite. The extraction of these minerals was carried out by groups affiliated with the town of Ivdel, which was the transfer hub for all USSR prisoners sent to the Gulag. These people very often flew in helicopters over the pass. According to this theory, the Dyatlov group did not pitch their tent at the side of the mountain, but among the trees. Supporters of the theory recognize that such seasoned mountain hikers would not have pitched a tent in the open, as this defied logic and all rules.

Pitching a tent in the forest ended tragically for them, as a dynamite explosion in one of the nearby mines caused a tree to topple over. According to the enthusiasts of the theory, those who were found in the ravine in May died in the tent, hence their suspicious injuries. Other members of the expedition died of hypothermia when they tried to attract the attention of the pilot of one of the helicopters flying over.

Groups from Ivdel picked up the corpses of eight of the nine tourists and transported them to the city. Initial plans to bury the corpses changed when more and more search groups began to appear over the pass. After learning that not only the military but also Moscow was involved, it was decided to fabricate the site of the tragedy and drive the corpse back to the pass. There, the site of a tent or campfire under a Siberian pine tree was staged.

The theory is that the people working in Ivdel considered the dead to be important to the Soviet regime, and began to fear uncomfortable questions and a potential investigation into the case. They often did their work after drinking, so they were afraid of the consequences.

In addition, supporters of this theory point out that the only corpse not taken from the scene of the tragedy was that of Rustem Slobodin, who was reportedly the only one, according to the autopsy, to have precipitation stains on his body consistent with the site of his death.

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