Tower of London

The most famous prisoners of the Tower were: Thomas More, Bishop John Fischer, and Queen Elizabeth I.

An excerpt from the article 21 facts about Tower of London
  • Thomas More was an English thinker, writer, and politician, a Christian martyr revered by Anglicans, and a saint of the Catholic Church. His conflict with King Henry VIII led to his imprisonment in the Tower, trial, conviction, and beheading on Tower Hill.
  • John Fischer - bishop of Rochester, cardinal, martyr, Catholic saint, and humanist, refused to take an oath obliging him to respect the act that guaranteed the succession to the throne to the descendants of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. This was the reason for his imprisonment in the Tower and, a year later, his beheading.
  • Elizabeth I was imprisoned in the Tower during the reign of her sister Mary I. After two months in the fortress, she was released.