Republic of South Africa

In 1949, a law was introduced prohibiting mixed marriages.

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In 1950, a law was introduced prohibiting sexual contact between representatives of different races. Apartheid imposed a classification of all inhabitants into "white", "black" and "colored", later a fourth category was added - "Asian" (it mainly referred to Indians). The apartheid system in 1950 gave the Japanese the status of "Honorary White Race", which was later extended to almost all Asian nations. In the 1950s, a law was passed assigning separate residential and commercial zones to individual races. It resulted in the forced displacement of 3.5 million black South Africans to the provinces. All non-white people were forced to carry special books entitling them to stay in a given area. There was also segregation in education - blacks were to be educated only to become manual workers. Compulsory schooling was abolished for non-whites. Racially defined occupational categories were created, and regions inhabited by blacks were called Bantustans, and their inhabitants were deprived of South African citizenship.