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The liver is one of the most essential human organs. It is extensively multitasking—it produces, filtrates, converts, and stores. It is thanks to the liver we can treat ourselves to sweets and alcohol.
It is the body’s largest glandular organ.
It weights approximately 1,600 grams in males and 1,400 grams in females.
It is the second largest organ of the human body.
The first is the skin.
It is present in all vertebrates.
It consists of four lobes, each made up of eight sections.
It carries out over 500 vital functions, of which approximately 200 are performed simultaneously.
The 10% of the liver is fat.
Exceeding that amount, which is called a fatty liver, may lead to type 2 diabetes, in consequence.
The liver can regenerate.
If only as much as 25% of the organ remains, it regenerates to the original size within a few weeks. This is why the liver makes a great donation organ.
Liver filters blood.
It breaks down toxic particles, such as drugs and alcohol. It also destroys old and damaged blood cells.
It is responsible for blood production in fetal life.
It stores vitamins and minerals.
The vitamins stored in the liver are fat-soluble A, D, E, and K, vitamin B12, copper, and iron. It is responsible for converting vitamin D into an active form.
Liver produces bile.
It allows to digest fats and proteins. It is also essential to regulating blood glucose.
It converts glucose to glycogen, which is released between meals.
A healthy liver is essential for the brain to function correctly.
It is thanks to the fact that the liver controls the levels of ammonia and regulates plasma glucose levels. Lack of proper functionality may cause hepatic encephalopathy–a neurological disease, which may result in a coma.
The liver is one of the most essential organs in endocrine balance.
It breaks down hormones, especially estrogen and androgen. Functionality disorder may lead to acne problems or scalp hair loss in men, and menstrual cramps, fluid retention, or lumpy breast in women.
One of the main symptoms of a malfunctioning liver is a change in skin and eye color.
They can turn yellow because of unprocessed bilirubin, which is a by-product of the catabolism of heme (a precursor to hemoglobin).
Drinking caffeinated beverages, especially green tea and coffee, benefits the well-being of the liver.
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