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Vipera berus

The adder is one of the most widespread venomous snakes in Europe. Although it does not attack humans, it sometimes bites in self-defense. It lives in wetlands and woodlands but is also found in the mountains. On sunny days you can find adder lounging in the sunshine.

The species is found from northwestern France to the eastern fringes of Siberia.

In the mountains, it can be found at elevations of up to 2000 meters above sea level.

It is most common in cooler places like forest clearing, wet meadows, or forest edges.
It comes in many color variants.

The puff adder can be dark brown, olive green, black, or gray.

It has a distinctive zigzag pattern on its back and the arrangement of scales on its head forms a pattern resembling the letter X, Y, or V.
Adults feed on insects, lizard frogs, small mammals, and bird chicks.

Young adders mostly eat insects, snails, earthworms, young amphibians and reptiles. The viper attacks its prey by injecting its venom and then eats the dead one.

Adders stick out their tongue to orient themselves to their surroundings.

In doing so, they collect the scent around them and then transfer it to their mouth cavity to the so-called Jacobson’s organ, which analyzes olfactory signals.

The puff adder usually grows up to 90 centimeters in length, but individuals are measuring more than 110 centimeters.
They are oviparous animals.

This means that the young remain in egg membranes inside the mother’s body and hatch just before, during, or immediately after laying their eggs.

There may be 5 to 15 young in a litter of the puff adder.

Mating usually begins in late April or early May and birth occurs in August or September. Freshly hatched reptiles gain complete independence.

The adder is under partial species protection in Poland.
Not every adder bite results in an injection of venom.

Venom is injected in about 50 percent of bite cases.

Adder venom can cause a change in heart rhythm, reduce blood clotting, and lead to nervous system damage and tissue necrosis.
An adder bite is not dangerous to a healthy adult but can pose a threat to children and the elderly.
Adders do not prey on humans; bites most often occur as a result of the animal’s self-defense.

 A disturbed animal usually hisses and looks for an escape route and, as s last resort, bites.

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