19 facts about Goblin shark

Goblin shark
11.Goblin shark's body is adapted to slow movement.
Unlike many other sharks, the goblin shark has a rather slack and slender body and weak, poorly calcified skeleton. As their anatomy is not suitable for long pursuits after prey, they attack from an ambush. As soon as the shark gets close enough to prey, it catches it by mowing its jaw forward.
12.It is very little known about goblin shark reproduction.
According to the book The Sharks of North America. by Jose I. Castro they are almost certainly ovoviviparous. A small number of fetuses develop in the mother's body, where they feed on unfertilized eggs. At birth, baby goblin sharks are at least 82 cm long.
13.They are solitary creatures, that behavioral features are yet to be examined.
Research of those fish has to be made in ocean waters as no individual survived in captivity for more than a week.
14.Adult individuals feed on bottom-dwelling organisms, while juvenile ones prey on mid-water animals.
Among creatures found in their stomach are cephalopods, crustaceans, grenadiers and dragonfish.
15.Goblin sharks are unintentionally caught as bycatch.
They sometimes appear in fishnets and in this case are usually dried, salted and delivered to the market in that form. Bycatch is very rare and it is most common in southern Japan, where about 30 individuals, mostly juveniles, are caught in nets each year.
16.After death, skin color quickly turns dull brown or grey.
17.Their jaws are sought after by collectors who pay a good price for them because of their uniqueness.
18.Because of their protruding jaws, many encountered specimens were classified as different species.
19.Despite their rarity, goblin sharks are not endangered.
IUCN classifies those fish as a least concern (LC). Because they are bottom-dwelling creatures, the probability of catching such organisms is relatively low. Is one of the few shark species affected only very slightly by human activity.

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Goblin shark
19 facts about Goblin shark

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