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21 facts about Ada Lovelace
21 facts about Ada Lovelace
The first female programmer
Ada Lovelace was a British poet and mathematician who lived in the first half of the 19th century. She was the daughter of one of Britain's greatest d ...

Did you know?

Charles III
He is the first member of the British monarchy to visit Cuba.
The visit took place in March 2019. He was accompanied by his wife Camilla.
Antonio Vivaldi
He wrote his first opera "Ottone in villa" at the age of 35.
It premiered on May 17, 1713, at the Teatro delle Grazie in Vicenza.
John Sutter
Sutter claimed he was a member of the Royal Swiss Guard and introduced himself as Captain John Sutter.
To this day his claims have not been verified. Either way, he titled himself that way which helped his career as a colonizer of California.
Napoleon Bonaparte
The success achieved during the siege of Toulon resulted in the appointment of the twenty-four-year-old Napoleon as a brigadier general.
He was noticed by the Committee of Public Salvation and assigned to the artillery forces in the Army of Italy.
Christopher Columbus
After sailing for more than two months, one of the sailors spotted land. The ships probably reached Watling Island (San Salvador), Bahamas.
The sailors noticed gold jewellery among the natives. When asked about the origin of the jewellery, ...
Ernest Hemingway
Throughout his life, including in his prose, Ernest Hemingway emphasized the importance of male strength.
His biographers tried to explain this fact with an emotional need to exorcise the painful memory of his mother, who emphasized her superiority over Ernest’s father.
Nikola Tesla
At the first meeting in Edison's laboratory, Tesla was already very impressed with him.
Thanks to excellent recommendations from Europe, he was hired at Edison's lab, and although he was n ...
Anna Pavlova
Her debut took place on September 19th, 1899, in La Fille Mal Gardée.
She performed in a group of three at the Mariinsky Theatre, the same place where she fell in love with ballet.
Jane Austen
Austen's works have repeatedly inspired filmmakers.
Many Hollywood productions lived to see the novels: "Pride and Prejudice," which was screened as many as ten times, "Sense and Sensibility," "Mansfield Park" and "Emma."
Robert Oppenheimer
He took a course in thermodynamics taught by Professor Percy Bridgman.
He then became interested in experimental physics. Since there were no world-class experimental phys ...