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Canada’s National Tree

Sugar maple is a symbol of Canada. Native to the eastern parts of North America, it is a source of one of the most cherished syrups worldwide.
Sugar maple
The sugar maple, also known as Acer saccharum, is a flowering plant in the family Sapindaceae.
Sapindaceae contains 138 genera, such as lychee or horse chestnut.
It is the most common species of all varieties of maples.
There are at least 20 types of maple trees.
It is one of the most widespread trees in the eastern parts of North America.
Since the 19th century, the maple leaf is present on Canadian flags and coats of arms.
The Canadian flag is one of the most recognizable due to its famous emblem.
Sugar maple is a state tree in four American states.
They are New York, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and Vermont.
A typical sugar maple tree grows up to 35 meters.
The tallest recorded sugar maple measures over 38 meters high.
The oldest sugar maple tree in Canada is the Comfort Maple in Pelham, Ontario.
Its age is estimated at between 446 and 546 years old.
It is a source of maple syrup.
It is one of the most cherished culinary condiments for pancakes and waffles.
The sugar maple tree produces greenish-yellow flowers, blooming in April and May.
The knowledge of a “tree producing a sweet substance” was introduced to Europeans in 1663 by a British chemist, Robert Boyle.
Sugar maple trees thrive in cooler climates.
The perfect temperature is an average of -7 degrees Celsius (20 F).
Apart from being a source of maple syrup, sugar maple wood holds high commercial value.
It is often referred to as hard maple because it is very shock resistant.
Sugar maple is one of two types of maple used in the production of guitars.
It has the good torsional ability and thus is very easy to work with.
The number of sugar maple trees declines due to acid rains and soil acidification.
Sugar maple trees are susceptible to various diseases, the most common being canker and gall.
The Asian long-horned beetle presents the highest danger to sugar maple trees.
It is a very pesky pest, which particularly favors maples. Moreover, it does not have natural predators in North America.
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